Academic Skills Study Suite | Critical Analysis (Coming Soon)

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The Academic Study Skills Suite is designed to support learners who are in Further or Higher Education or are returning to study. Critical Thinking or being critical in your studies is arguably one of the most important academic study skills.  This module focuses on what it means to be critical when reading and writing an assignment.  Part of being critical is looking at how and what to look for from different sources and understanding how reliable the sources of information you use are.  The module is divided into the following sections and learning outcomes. 

Section 1 | Critical Thinking and Analysis  

Section 2 | Elements of Writing  

Section 3 | Credible sources  

Section 4 | Next Steps 

Learning Outcomes:  

  1. Explain what is meant by critical thinking in an academic context and identify the difference between descriptive and analytical writing 

  2. Identify the different elements of writing 

  3. Identify and explain credible sources

After fully completing the module, you will receive an electronic certificate of completion and participation. 

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