Academic Skills Study Suite | Study Skills (Coming Soon)

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The Academic Study Skills Suite is designed to support learners who are in Further or Higher Education or are returning to study. When studying at this level it is essential that you know how to study so that you can have a study, work, and life balance and get the most learning.  The course is divided into the following sections and learning outcomes.  

Section 1 | Setting Up For Success  

Section 2 | Organisation and Time Management  

Section 3 | Note Taking  

Section 4 | Goal Setting, Motivation and Willpower  

Section 5 | Memory Hacking and Study Tips  

Section 6 | Next Steps 

Learning Outcomes: 

1. Explain how you will be successful in your own learning considering how your personal circumstances may be a hindrance.

2. Explain what is meant by ‘effective study’ and identify the difference between studying and revising.

3. Identify the note-taking methods.

4. Identify what motivates you and write your own SMART goals

5. Identify the short term and long terms memory approaches to effective learning

After fully completing the module, you will receive an electronic certificate of completion and participation.